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Dr. Mike Infantino

Chriropractor/soft tissue specialist

Dr. Mike InfantinoDr. Mike Infantino was born and raised in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pennsylvania. He grew up playing ice hockey and football and through his many injuries over the years found Integrative Diagnosis from his chiropractor for his surgically repaired shoulder. This special form of treatment inspired him to become a chiropractor focusing on the musculoskeletal system. After successful shoulder treatment he then went on to finish his Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and finally Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College and is a licensed chiropractor in North Carolina. Dr. Mike utilizes a variety of techniques when working with individuals who are experiencing pain or looking to improve performance. These techniques include Integrative Diagnosis, Active Release Technique, Manual Adhesion Release, Instrument Adhesion Release and therapeutic exercise. During his time at NYCC he learned that each person’s goals to health are different and that a patient-centered approach to care leads the greatest results and highest levels of satisfaction. Prior to his career in chiropractic, he was a strength and conditioning coach who worked with athletes of all sports, and assisted them in reaching peak physical condition, and optimizing their biomechanics in resistance training and sport. In his downtime he likes to exercise, hike, snowboard, and attend Cleveland Browns football games.


"Running never came natural for me. I suffered chronic shin splints and repetitive stress fractures in my lower leg. I tried formal physical therapy, Ice baths, orthotics and countless hours running in the swimming pool but, still I could not string together more than a few solid weeks of training without becoming injured. Nothing seemed to work. I stopped running all together for about three years

When I made my comeback attempt things were different. I had help! Performance Therapy has made the impossible seem easy. I can go to one session with Mike and he can almost immediately tell about how many miles I have been running, how my diet has been, and even assess for proper hydration! As a self-coached endurance athlete, I understand the importance of having a support group of people who I can trust and bounce ideas off. Mike is a key strand in this web. His experience and no nonsense approach makes life easy for his clients. He employs active release technique (ART) and is able to break up adhesions in my muscles and keep the kinetic chain working properly.

This time around I've been able to train at a very high level, logging more than 3500 miles per year, and have performed well beyond anyone's expectations. I went from being the last placed guy on my team in college to winning road races now! I've taken more than 3 minutes from my 5K time and even broke my college's school record in the 8k by: 61 seconds!

I also work in the running shoe business and am in constant contact with injured runners. I send these clients to Performance Therapy. I sent my wife to Performance Therapy! You're in good hands."

Cody Angell

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