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Performance Therapy University - FAQs

How are the workouts delivered?
Training routines, check-ins, progress stats, orientation, and just about everything related to your fitness program will be delivered through Trainerize.

What is the application that is used for online virtual coaching?
We currently use the Tranerize application which is compatible with most smartphones.

Why do I have to commit to 3 months of training up front?
We ask that you commit to 3 months of training because it takes time for desired adaptations to happen whether your goals be increased strength, muscle gain, fat loss or just feeling better all around.

Can I sign up if I’m currently injured?
Yes, in fact, this is one of our specialties at Performance Therapy University. You can still maintain a good level of fitness, while working around most injuries with a sound training program.

How long does it take until I receive my program?
After you have given PTU all of the necessary information (PARQ, Movement Eval, etc) you can expect your customized program within 48 hours.

How long will it take for me to see results with online training?
Remember good adaptations take time. You can expect to see increases in noticeable differences in mobility, strength and mobility within 4-6 weeks if you are consistent with your program.

Do I have to be an athlete to have an online virtual coach?
No. You just have to be someone who wants to get into better physical shape and needs direction from a coach.

Will I have access to my coach if I have any questions for them?
Absolutely! Messaging correspondence will primarily be generated through Trainerize and delivered directly to your account. You will be able to send us a message through Trainerize anytime with any questions relating to your program.

Is using a fitness plan online safe?
Yes, online personal training is very safe. All of the exercises in your training program will come along with videos and clear written instructions on how to do a perform each exercise properly.

Can the online workout program be done at home?
Yes, you will be able to communicate with your coach what equipment that will be available to you and your coach can write an effective training plan accordingly.